Martial Arts Charitable Trust

Confidence, Commitment, Discipline, Respect, Health

Providing grants and support to students and clubs in the martial arts.


What we do

We operate in three main ways to achieve our objectives.


Firstly,  provide need based grants or bursaries to help those that are unable to afford their training. These grants will be entirely needs based and will require evidence based demonstration of need including documentation.

These grants will enable MACT to financially support those that need it as well as allow us to stay engaged with the student and provide the necessary support and encouragement as needed.


Secondly, we provide assistance to poorly funded or under resourced clubs. The form of this assistance will not be directly monetary, but will be in the form of resources such as equipment, facilities and teachers. If required we help clubs find shared space to operate from and potentially subsidise the costs.

We  also help locate senior students / teaching assistants that could help assist the teacher at our expense. In this manner we provide support and resources that clubs can benefit from.


Lastly, we  partner with local authorities, school and community centers to provide free or subsidized self defence courses. We provide the instructors and equipment to conduct the courses at local facilities enabling all those in the community that want to attend to be able to do so.

These courses would be short term in nature and would teach basic self defence. Self defence entails being aware of your environment, identifying potential situations, diffusing situations and, as a last resort, the physical capacity to protect yourself.