Martial Arts Charitable Trust

Confidence, Commitment, Discipline, Respect, Health

Providing grants and support to students and clubs in the martial arts.


Mission statement

Traditional martial arts is about training your mind, body and spirit to achieve your full human potential.

Traditional martial arts:

  • Promotes better health

  • Builds confidence

  • Encourages discipline

  • Promotes commitment and perseverance

  • Teaches respect for each other, the community and oneself

All our objectives are aimed towards spreading these benefits of traditional martial arts at both the individual and community level.

Unfortunately, there are many people for whom the cost of training is prohibitive.  The cost of weekly classes, clothing, gradings and travel can put many people off either starting to learn a martial art or being able to continue training.

We estimate that a 1/3rd of those that stop training do so because of financial constraints.

The stated aims of the Trust are

  1. The promotion and development of traditional martial arts in the Greater London Area;

  2. To act as a grant making trust to provide training grants either directly or indirectly for
    martial arts students on a needs basis;

  3. Funding of martial arts instructors to improve the capacity and skills of underfunded
    and/or poorly resourced clubs;

  4. To engage with community resources to develop self defence training programs for vulnerable
    men, women or children.

At an individual student level by providing financial support to those who need it we can eliminate or reduce the number of students that are unable to train for financial reasons.

By keeping them training they will be able to continue to advance in the art and harvest the aforementioned benefits.

Particularly in the case of children and the younger generation, giving them the ability to continue in martial arts training will result in them reaping a lifetime of benefits and hopefully passing it on to their communities and future generations.

At a club level we look to assist poorly resourced independent clubs so that they are able to continue to provide training to those that seek it.

Local clubs and training centres “dojo’s” are an integral part of martial arts and are critical to being able to spread the benefits to communities.

By supporting clubs with equipment, facilities and assistant teachers we would provide a better platform for them to benefit their students and communities. 

At a community level we provide free or subsidised self defence classes.  Self defence is more than knowing how to block or throw a punch.

Knowing how to identify and defuse potentially volatile situations is the best form of self defence. This, along with the ability to, if required, physically protect and defend oneself is empowering.

By providing this overall training to vulnerable men, women and children we will be directly benefiting them and the communities they live in.