Martial Arts Charitable Trust

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Providing grants and support to students and clubs in the martial arts.


1) Awareness

You should make sure that decision makers and key people in your organisation are aware that the law is changing to the GDPR:

Tom Kark, Ashwin Kumar, Tim Richards and Alan Smith have read the GDPR guidance on the information commissioner’s website and are aware of our responsibilities. 

2) Information MACT holds

MACT holds personal data on those who have voluntarily provided their details to us.  The data may include email addresses, telephone numbers,  partners and children’s names and home addresses where provided.  The information is held on a secure GDPR compliant one-drive cloud based storage system.  

3) Communicating privacy information

We will retain the information unless asked to remove it.  We will use it to contact potential donors and those who may be interested in our events.  If you wish us to remove your information please contact Tom Kark on   We may share the information with our affiliated club Martial Arts Federation International and with  any of our trustees or anyone working for MACT. 

4) Individuals’ rights:

You have the right to know what of your information we hold and to require it to be deleted.  You can also ask us not to share our information with anyone else. 

5) Subject access requests:

You have the right to know what information we hold about you and we will respond to such a request within 28 days.

6) Lawful basis:

As a registered charity we hold personal data in order to assist us when we arrange events; undertake funding and fund raising events and to communicate our activities.  

7) Consent:

Should you wish to be removed from our database please contact us and we will do so within 28 days.

8) Children:

We will not contact any child directly by electronic means although we will continue to hold details of children of parents on our database.  We keep the details of children funded by us as well as the  children trained by MAFI.

9) Data breaches:

We will inform you of any data breach should they occur within 14 days of the breach occurring,

10) Data Protection Officers:

Tom Kark is the designated data protection compliance officer.

10 July 2018